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Sponsor A Child program for Orphans, Distressed/Unprivileged and/or Vulnerable Children.

Image 10Sponsorship/ Parrainage (CEPA-Sponsor A Child-Application) / (CEPA-Formulaire de Demande de Parrainage d’Enfants )

OVC (Orphans and Vulnerable Children) Empowerment and Development Project.

OVCs (orphans and Vulnerable Children) are different from other children in that they suffer from grief, bereavement and/or trauma from the situation that caused them to be in a shelter home today.

The children at OVC shelters are young girls and boys aged between 4 and 17 issued from broken families due to conflictuous /hazardous situations. There are lots of others still in their abnormal environment.

The aim of the project is to develop empowerment, self assurance and increase brotherhood/sisterhood bonding in the beneficiaries along with a motivation/prevention/preparation program.

We currently have 40 Ovcs in our programs, reaching 100 for next year and aiming to reach 150 for the year after in the whole duration of the program over 3 years.














The Project also takes into the account and addresses the fundamental needs for the beneficiaries to have a decent living and access to resources. A budget per OVC is defined according to the requirements that need to exist for the program to take place.

A monthly budget of Rs3000 per child is recommended for the full estimated end result. As a non-profitable organisation, we rely on donations to fulfill our mission.

You can sponsor a child for its development with annual shares from Rs500/month to a complete sponsorship of Rs3000/monthly for the year.

You can send us a cheque with your chosen sponsoring plan (CEPA-Sponsor A Child-Application) / (CEPA-Formulaire de Demande de Parrainage d’Enfants ) with  payment details and the ways  to follow up on progress of your sponsored child.