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C.E.P.A is an umbrella body NGO for  to-be-built/ existing CBOs (Community Based Organisations) and LOs (Local Organisations), providing them with a frame of work for them to be more efficient in their communities and localities along with  networking with other Ngos that would act as satellite partners where issues related to their field of work should be addressed.


Our field of action to counteract poverty in our society involves :


Community Development in impoverished/underpriviledged neighbourhoods with aim to develop  capacity building, community and family education and community consolidation to counteract and eradicate the culture of poverty and its intergenerational transmission. See how to support our action here.

Empowerment and educational support of the individual on a continual and sustainable basis to enable poverty alleviation, through end projects with positive outcomes.  See how you can help here.

Advocating and activating for access to resources essential for individuals,  communities, families in impoverished neighbourhoods  to step out of the poverty line and have a decent living standard based on sustainable modes of income development. See our programme.

Relief action and action plans for the needy, inclusive of the Homeless (Help the Homeless Project) as well as Orphans, Distressed/Unprivileged and/or Vulnerable Children (Sponsor A Child program).

Here are more ways you can help us achieve our mission.

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  • C.E.P.A (Mauritius)

    says on:
    January 4, 2016 at 9:07 pm

    keep up the good job