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In order to achieve our ambitions, we have set ourselves the following mission:

  • To promote and enhance the effectiveness of actions to eradicate poverty and prevent social exclusion;
  • To raise awareness around poverty and social exclusion
  • To empower the people living in poverty and social exclusion
  • To lobby for and with people and groups facing poverty and social exclusion. CEPA includes the objectives of gender equality and non discrimination in all its areas of work.

CEPA includes the objectives of gender equality and non discrimination in all its areas of work.

Trying to create environments that will lead to increased wealth and reduce poverty is one of the outcomes aimed

Big poverty is defined as “large groups trapped in lives of destitution created and perpetuated by sweeping social forces beyond their control.”  Little poverty is defined as the poverty which needs to be eliminated at the individual level, and that requires an active participation of the person and those around him.

Regarding money—Money consists of the most commonly used means of exchange, so it is obvious that as a means there is a limit to what money can do.

Bottom up efforts that use the physical and human capital of the locals, coupled with good organizational skills, increase the chances of success of poverty relief efforts.

The Opportunity:

Many individuals in affluent nations are aware that a vast number of people live in conditions of severe poverty.

The Problem:

The individuals that are aware of the conditions of poverty around the world are far less likely to spend money or donate services towards humanitarian aid than they are likely to go to the movies or buy an expensive sweater.

The Project:

We believe that we can answer the question: How can individuals be motivated to act on their own duties to aid the global poor?

This project aims to answer this question by bringing together academics who work in areas such as cognitive science, moral philosophy, and political science to discover more effective means of motivating individuals to act on their obligations to alleviate global poverty.

The membership of CEPA is involved in a variety of activities aimed at combating poverty and social exclusion including, education and training activities, service provision and activities aimed at the participation and empowerment of people experiencing poverty and social exclusion.

Together the membership of CEPA aims to put the fight against poverty high on the agenda of the Republic of Mauritius and to ensure cooperation at Republic of Mauritius level aimed at the eradication of poverty and social exclusion.

We aim to act as an umbrella for all local ngo’s and associations that share the same direction in the fight against Poverty, Inequality,Discrimination and in the promotion of Social Inclusion.

CEPA has consultative status