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Image 6Collective for Empowerment and Poverty Alleviation (C.E.P.A)

C.E.P.A is a Non-profit NGO for social and psychological aid to Fight Poverty and its extreme forms and sources.

C.E.P.A,  as a local Humanitarian and Development Organization  works for improving people’s basic needs through empowerment, working with local Associations, provision of humanitarian assistance through partnership with international NGOs.

The focus areas of the Fight against Poverty in Mauritius include Emergency, water, Sanitation, Women empowering, supporting minority communities, HIV/AIDS prevention and education…

Advocacy and campaigning

C.E.P.A aims to be one of the main partners of the International and local  institutions on the  strategy to combat social exclusion.

It lobbies for the integration of the fight against poverty and social exclusion into all Community policies, ranging from Structural Funds and employment policies through to economic and monetary policies (See “Our Programmes”).

C.E.P.A builds alliances with relevant actors to create a stronger voice in favour of social inclusion.


C.E.P.A keeps under close review Community policies and programmes likely to impact on groups facing poverty and social exclusion.

We also develop links with the research sector in order to enhance knowledge of poverty and social exclusion within the Republic of Mauritius.

C.E.P.A develops proposals to influence the Community institutions.


The web site www.cepa-mauritius.org aims to be the reference portal on poverty and social exclusion awareness  in the Republic of Mauritius.

A magazine ,the FIGHT POVERTY-MAURITIUS Mag and a bimonthly newsletter FIGHT POVERTY-MAURITIUS Flash provide information on C.E.P.A and policy/events and on Community programmes and initiatives of interest to C.E.P.A members.


C.E.P.A – MAURITIUS sets up task forces and hosts national and  transnational seminars.

It is also a forum for exchange of information on national policies for social inclusion. It facilitates partnership building among its members and beyond, and liaises with Associations and NGOs in the candidate countries.

We aim to act as an umbrella for all local NGO’s and Associations that share the same direction in the fight against Poverty, Inequality,Discrimination and in the promotion of Social Inclusion.

C.E.P.A, registered NGO 14260,  has consultative status


C.E.P.A – MAURITIUS provides training for its members on networking and Republic of Mauritius policies targeting poverty fighting.

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